Hottest IT News, Just How You Like It

IT is set to change the world as we know it. Since the creation of the first room-sized computer (Abacus), innovators have transformed the Industry from strength to strength. Today, IT powers millions of businesses through the internet.

There is always something to talk about when it comes to innovation in the IT sector. The most recent one being the blockchain. Ideally, this technology is set to change everything, starting from payments to handling data and everything in between.

The most notable tech based on the blockchain is unmistakably cryptocurrencies. They have done the unthinkable – introduced uncentralized digital currencies that have more value than traditional ones. And it gets better, people have now created industry-specific cryptocurrencies – but that is a topic for another day.

Microsoft has also come a long way. Being the leading OS in the world, they have introduced some impressive features to Windows lately. To be honest, they seemed to have minimal competition till Linux distros came to the scene. Of course, they still have the upper hand, considering Linux claims only 2% of the total market share.

Linux OS, on the other hand, offers several free but powerful alternatives to the Windows OS. One interesting thing about them is they have task dedicated distros. There is one for gamers, IT experts, a Mac OS replica, one for incognito browsing, and much more. Besides, people can tweak the Linux code to create a custom OS for themselves.

In short, the IT sector always has something going on. And this is the place to find it all.