4 Linux Distros to Lighten up Your Experience With Computers

Linux is perhaps the safest and fastest OS that can run on all devices. Thanks to Linux’s open source nature, there are many versions created from it. It is practically the first OS that offers dedicated software for almost anything, starting from incognito browsing, gaming, hacking, and many more.

The Linux family is continuously evolving – before you know it, there is another bright and shiny distro ready for distribution. So if you find windows too cliché, you have the option to choose one of the following dedicated Linux distros for a change.

Linux Mint for absolute beginners

Scared of Linux OS? Don’t be, Linux Mint (for example) is for newbies. It comes with a beautiful Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a straightforward navigation system. In a way, it resembles the Mac OS so you can never get lost in it. Besides, there is a large community to help you in case you’re stuck.

Kali Linux for ethical hackers

Are you interested in a career in cyber security? Then this OS is what you need. In fact, no other user protection centred OS comes close to it. It is not new, but it is undoubtedly the best on the internet. It comes with a stable Debian base, incredible pen testing tools making it a must-have for intermediate Linux users.

Debian for programmers

Stability, great support, and flexibility characterise this Linux distribution. Programmers, in particular, find this piece of software incredibly fascinating. It can take anything you throw at It, ranging from simple programs to complex AI scripts. Of course, this OS is suitable for intermediate to experienced Linux users, else, you’ll need help to navigate to your machine!

Tail for security freaks

Ever wondered how Edward Snowden surfs the internet without ever getting caught? He uses this simple yet powerful OS to encrypt his surfing and communication data. This portable OS uses RAM to operate, so there is virtually no trace left in the computer.