Some Interesting Features of the April 10 Update for Windows

Microsoft has done it again. They have just released an update dubbed “April 10 update”. From past experiences, that name seems out of place. But when asked about it, they said fancy names are hard to track and differentiate, but this new trend will solve that issue entirely. Honestly,

Microsoft has got it all, the best programmer in the world (Bill Gates) and a vast kingdom having all notable tech professionals available.

The update arrived several weeks late after a tester realised a nasty bug that brought the “blue screen of death” on some machines. However, the team assures its users that the issue is no more.

Here are the most exciting features of the update.

A feature to log all your activities

Ever lost a document or photo on your computer? Worry not; it will never happen again. This feature will help you track every little thing you do with your machine. From pictures, documents, videos – everything will have a place in the log. On a lighter note, you can now monitor what your children or employees are up to during specific times of the day.

Focus assist

Getting work done is often a challenge considering all the distractions that come with social media and other applications. This creative feature will turn off everything except what you need (Microsoft word, notepad++ you name it). After your work session is over, the system will update you on everything you missed, just like a personal assistant would – how cool is that?

Voice commands

The age of hands-free typing is here; you can now talk to your computer, as it conveniently converts your speech to text. This feature is particularly helpful for people creating speeches or lessons. Either way, those flashes of creativity will never be lost again, thanks to the April 10 update.