The April 10 Update: Your Top 4 Picks

Finally, the April 10 update is out. After a delay caused by a bug discovered at the last minute, having the power to unleash the blue screen of death on some computers. However, they decided to stick to the original name, even though the release date was several weeks late – but who cares?

This particular update is available for free download but will roll out in the regular automatic updates (that are somewhat bothersome) in due time. However, the update has got users excited because of its brand new features.

Here are the top four picks.

An impressive facelift

Microsoft’s user experience team did a good job this time around. They shed off some unnecessary stuff and redesigned the menus. With this new look, users will have an easier time finding their way around the system. Overall, the facelift gets a 9/10.

Net share

For a long time, Microsoft overlooked the importance of fast and seamless transfer of data between devices. Thankfully, that phase is over. This Net share app (embedded in the update) facilitates Bluetooth communication with nearby devices.

They made Edge better

This windows browser has received some pretty impressive improvements. Including the ability to pin eBooks on its homepage for quick reference. Additionally, the new Edge will save credit card and password data safely, so you never have to worry about it. Another useful feature they added is the ability to mute noisy websites.

VR updates

Virtual reality is taking entertainment to the other level. And Microsoft is trying to get their foot in before someone else does.

Besides the cliff house, they added Skyloft – a futuristic apartment on a highrise building with a view of a city. On functionality, they made the VR lighter on the RAM, improved hepatic feedback from motion controllers in SteamVR games, and also added a shortcut for screenshots.