Here are the Tools Creating a Buzz in Front End Development

Typically, people looking to change careers consider a job as a front-end developer, merely because it is a sensible option. You can get started in a matter of months, and the cost of tuition is relatively cheap. Besides, the demand for developers is at an all-time high.

Surprisingly, a developer’s job is becoming increasingly simple – thanks to the available tools. Some paid, while others are free, but the bottom line is – there is a tool for every task. And here are the top five picks available for front-end developers.


Tired of writing the same code over and over again? NPM is what you need. The tool helps front-end developers to store snippets of reusable code, assembling them in an incredibly powerful way. Just like most useful dev tools, it uses the command line to access free code packages, participate in team development tasks, and more.


Here is the ultimate tool to make coding faster and brief. It minifies code to reduce file size, checks the syntax for errors, combines scripts to minimise HTTP requests and more. Additionally, its compatible with all popular scripting languages.


This tool is perfect for beginners, it corrects and assists you as you write the code. Better still, debugging large projects will never take forever again. It seamlessly integrates with standard command line tools used in web development, helps you copy snippets of code, and comes with an inbuilt debugger for Node.js apps.


This tool is used to automate Node.JS tasks. With Grunt, you never have to worry about the repetitive work. Just write a setup file, and you’re good to go. When using it, human error is almost impossible. Besides, this tool can automate just about anything.


A web development environment with everything you need to develop a website from scratch. You can save, share, and borrow ideas from other developers on the platform. The app is especially helpful with CSS tasks.